Brand positioning: Why ignoring customers can help your business

Despite its critical role, marketing is regularly thought of as the ‘fluff’ around a business. A necessary evil that gets in the way of the things that really matter, like making money. As an experienced marketing professional, I can happily say that it is often with very good reason. All too often businesses get sucked […]

How to avoid the commoditisation trap

As a business owner, are you constantly finding yourself caught in a price war, competing solely on the basis of cost? If that’s the case, the problem might not lie in the value you offer, but rather in how effectively you communicate that value to your customers. When customers cannot distinguish your value from that […]

Why B2B selling relies on emotion

Have you ever made a decision on somewhere to eat just because it ‘looked’ or ‘felt’ right, despite the fact you’ve never eaten there before? If so, you’ve made a purchase decision based on ‘brand’. Businesses buy from other businesses using the same principles. The problem is, so many businesses struggle to achieve any kind […]

How to charge more

Image above created using Midjourney AI. A spaceship designed by Jony Ive orbiting a distant planet –ar 16:9 When was the last time you splurged on a luxury meal in a supermarket? Perhaps you opted for the ’28 Day Aged Aberdeen Angus Beef Wellington’ with the attractive sleeve and a shiny badge, followed by the […]

The value of design

The Design Council produced a report highlighting how valuable design can be to organisations. The evidence from the fact-finder shows the positive impact design can have on business growth and success; including increasing market share, turnover and competitiveness. Taking those first steps towards becoming a design-alert business are the most important. It may seem like […]