Award-winning Woocommerce Developer in Leeds, Yorkshire

experienced woocommerce developer in leeds, yorkshire, uk - dave holloway

Hi, I’m Dave Holloway – an award-winning Woocommerce designer and developer in Leeds, Yorkshire (UK). My work has been recognised by leading online award sites including Awwwards, CSS Design Awards, the Ecommerce Design Awards and the prestigious GSAP showcase. To help you understand whether I might be able to help you and your business it […]

Looking for a WordPress Motion Page Expert?

motion page wordpress animation specialist - Dave Holloway

As a WordPress website owner or creative agency owner, you understand the importance of captivating your audience with engaging website experiences. That’s where comes into play. But what exactly is and why is it beneficial work with a Motion Page expert? What is is not just another WordPress plugin; it’s a […]

How to attract bigger clients for your design agency

attracting bigger clients for your design agency - an article by Dave Holloway, Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

Attracting bigger, more lucrative contracts is the primary goal for many design agencies. After all, the bigger the budget, the greater the profit. It also brings greater opportunities to flex your creative muscles and deliver world-class work. For many creatives, that is the true end game. But getting to that point is hard. Doing so […]

How to Choose a Designer for a Startup Business

designer for startup businesses in leeds - dave holloway

Embarking on the exhilarating journey of launching a startup is a thrilling experience, but it comes with a myriad of challenges that require meticulous consideration. As a seasoned entrepreneur, I acknowledge the pivotal role that the right designer can play in not only navigating these challenges but also propelling your venture towards unprecedented success. In […]

What are brand archetypes and why do they matter?

What are brand archetypes – Dave Holloway – Freelance brand strategist and designer in Leeds

In the dynamic world of marketing, understanding the power of brand archetypes has become a must for savvy marketing managers and business owners. These archetypes have their roots in the fascinating theories of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist who rocked the psychology world back in the early 1900s. Born on July 26, 1875, Jung’s ideas […]

Unleashing the power of creative graphic design

creative graphic designer in leeds

Are you aware of the tremendous impact that high-quality creative graphic design can have on your brand’s success? As a creative graphic designer based in Leeds, I’m here to share my personal perspective on the value of exceptional design. We’ll explore the importance of investing in creative graphic design and the role of design fundamentals. […]

How does branding influence price?

Have you ever wondered why Ferrari can co-exist in the same marketplace as Ford? They both sell four-wheeled engine-powered vehicles. Both their products can drive on the same roads as each other and are subject to the same speed restrictions. Both companies are trying to build the best vehicles they can (after all, who would […]

The components of a professional brand strategy

professional brand strategy – dave holloway, leeds, yorkshire, uk

As a business owner, I understand the importance of a solid brand strategy in today’s competitive market. Building a professional brand (and if you’re unsure what this term means, may I suggest you read my article ‘What is a brand?‘) goes beyond just creating a memorable logo or catchy slogan. It requires careful consideration of […]

Is a brand just a logo?

Before you read any further, it is important to understand one critical thing – a brand is most definitely NOT a logo. A logo is a single part of your brand. It is an important part, yes, but a part nonetheless. There are many additional parts that are required to create a solid, effective brand. What […]